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If you are a game enthusiast wanting to explore the greater depths of the video gaming realm and play with anyone in the world, anytime without frequent lags,
and interruptions, renting a server makes a lot of gaming sense for gamers. Find a decent gaming server hosting solution to host your games to take care of all your gaming requirements.
Choose your gaming server from the following list below to help you make a decision as to which one has the best combination of features and pricing. Good server-hunting gamers!

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Shockbyte: Is a game server provider, launched with intention of providing the highest quality services at the lowest possible price. They are a registered business in Australia and have been providing their services since March 2013, making them one of the longest-running Minecraft hosts.
Shockbyte aims to provide an amazing user experience and the best service possible. This is why they use some of the best hardware available and have a staff team spread worldwide in order to provide 24-hour support to all clients.

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GameServers: Has established itself as the premier game hosting company since 2004, having served over 500,000 customers. they are an established and reputable company that you can be sure will be here tomorrow and always be there to stand behind the product you purchase from them.
As the leading game provider, has one of the largest worldwide networks: 36 Points of Presence. They don't lock you into any one of our locations.

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HostVavoc: Built its business on the premise of being able to provide honest, high-performance hosting services for less. At Host Havoc, they are all gamers. They love to play the games that they host and have real experience operating these servers for mere fun; this translates to levels of understanding and passion that they guarantee you won't find anywhere else.
Their game server hosting lineup is comprised of the most popular hosting platforms. These services are backed by custom tools and features that are actively maintained in parallel with game and mod updates.

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Citadel Servers

Citadel Servers: They offer Game servers, Dedicated servers, Web-hosting as well as other various hosting solutions. We provide a top-quality service using the latest technology, innovations, and equipment. They have a dedicated team of staff to provide effective and professional support and sales structure.

We offer managed game server hosting for 179 game services in over 20 locations worldwide. They offer some of the best game servers, web hosting, and virtual private servers on the market.

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Melon Cube

Melon Cube: They utilize only the highest performance enterprise server hardware to optimize their infrastructure for the best Minecraft hosting experience in the industry.

Their Minecraft servers are powered by the easy-to-use Multicraft (2.0) control panel which provides clients with a powerful, but simple-to-use control solution.

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Scala Cube

ScalaCube: You will learn how to make Valheim server experiences for you and your friends. This popular Viking-inspired sandbox game has more than its fair share of admirers and regular users. If you wanted to get involved with this one for yourself, here are some of the benefits that come from Valheim server hosting.
First of all, the control panel gives you access to a free domain with an instant setup. You’ll also get complete access to files, mods and plugin support, and DDOS protection which is lag-free.

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Gtxgaming: We pride ourselves on having the most dynamic gaming servers available. We are constantly improving our GUI interface and scripts to give the best hosting functionality to all of our clients. Gaming is our passion and for twelve years we have provided the community with up-to-date game servers and dedicated servers.

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Serverblend: The owner: I developed a system I like to call the custom game server hardware selection system. Yeah, that’s right, it's a bit long-winded… I should probably think of something better... This system is unique, it enables you to choose, and therefore guarantees the hardware that your server will be placed on.

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Pingperfect: With over 170 games to rent servers for, dedicated machines, and web hosting packages, it is no wonder Pingperfect is becoming a firm favorite server host provider with gamers and developers worldwide. Pingperfect works closely with teams for all kind of games, as well as mods, these includes...

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