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Hunter Games An Informative Gaming Website

There are 24+ Pc or mobile games waiting for you to play on our website in 3 categories: 
Adventure, Sports & Junior.
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Play These Games On Our Website For Free!

Welcome visitors! for now, we have 24+ games to choose from in 3 categories: Adventure, Sports, and Junior. We need to apologize for the ADS appearing on the games, but is a most; sorry!

Adventure Games To Play On Our Website

Please click on an image to play its game!

adventures of indiara

The Adventures of Indiara:  They are starting! Play with Indiara, a girl who loves to collect ancient artifacts.


Angry Sharks: The shark has been exposed to radiation and is now mutated. He floats in the sea and eats fishes.

ant maze

Ant Maze: A leading ant must find his way home, for that he must eliminate the enemy blue ants.

bheem boys

Ato Adventures: Ato Adventures is a 2D simple platformer where your mission is to collect roses

Please click on an image to play its game!

castle defense

Castle Defense: Defend your castle in a relentless battle against hordes of terrifying enemies! Cast your spells, destroy the enemies and increase your magical powers.

cave escape

Cave Escape: Please, help Rudy the miner to get out of the mine and bring as many diamonds you can get! Enjoy the game!

cut the rope

Cut The Rope: Join Om Nom as he travels back in time to feed his ancestors with candy. Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a completely new adventure filled with time-traveling, candy-crunching, physics-based action!

100 doors game

100 Doors Game: Here's the thing – Mya (you'll meet her) is locked up in a school (you'll discover why). The main objective in this hundred doors game challenge is to help her escape the room and find the exit so she can get home to her parents and her cozy bed.

Sports Games To Play On Our Website

Please click on an image to play it's game!

3d darts

3D Darts:  Darts 3D, a famous classic game now on your device in gorgeous 3D, defeat opponents in hundreds of levels. Or just play with your friends on one device. Just throw the dart and get a score. Very easy to start, but hard to master.

Baseball hero

Baseball Hero: Hit your baseballs hard and... avoid bombs and tomatoes! Improve your ability hitting multiple balls from different positions. You'll become a Baseball Hero!

basketball master

Basketball Master: The challenge for real basketball and streetball players! Jump with the ball and shoot the basket within the time limit. Reach the highest score and collect coins. Unlock all balls and locations. Try 2 game modes. You need precise timing, good aiming and a bit of luck.

beach bowling

Beach Bowling: Beach Bowling 3D is a game where you can test your bowling skills on summer beach in gorgeous 3D. Defeat opponents in hundreds of levels. Or just play with your friends on one device. Just throw the ball and get a score. Very easy to start, but hard to master.

Please click on an image to play its game!

bike 2 mania

Bike 2 Mania: The most famous bike game of the flash era is back! Tilt and balance your way over the obstacles. Containing 20 levels of sheer frustration and "just one more go" addictiveness, Bike Mania 2 is the ultimate in driving games for those who like a challenge.

boxing stars

Boxing Stars: Rise from the box underground to the championship and become a boxing star. Improve your skills with rewards to compete in better tournaments.

cricket hero

Cricket Hero: Are you ready to test your reaction times? In Cricket Hero you’ll face the thrills and ecstasy of being a cricket player. Besides regular cricket balls, they may throw at you some other stuff too.

drag racing club

Drag Racing Club: Enter the thrilling world of street drag racing in this unique game. Start as an unknown outsider and race your way to the top. Prove everyone that you're the best racer in the city. To achieve that, you will have to buy or win great cars from your opponents. Then tune them up into powerful racing machines. Drive on!

Junior Games To Play On Our Website

Please click on an image to play it's game!

animals memory

Animals Memory:  Tap or click any card to reveal its card. Memorize it and try to find its pair in board. Match all of the cards on the board and complete level. In total there are 10 levels for you to have fun!

Baby bare

Baby Bare: Mommy Bear is going to have a baby and Daddy Bear is very excited. They are about to learn how to raise a baby. It must be hard for them since it's the first time for them. But it's okay, they will do their best at raising the Baby Bear. They need someone to guide them, would you like to give a hand?

baby hazel african safari

Baby Hazel African safari: Baby Hazel and her parents along with Bruno have gone on holiday to South Africa. After experiencing the beautiful scenic of Cape Town, they have decided to spend a night in the jungle safari tent. Isn't that exciting? Do you want to be part of this jungle adventure? 

baauty cat salon

Beauty Cat Salon: Gabriel is very kind and really cares about her cat, unlike Brenda: she has an evil mind and wants to mess with all the cats. Act as the evil one and don't let Gabriel know what you did to the cat or you'll get caught!

Please click on an image to play its game!

brain doctor

Brain Doctor: A really innovative concept game for kids. Become a surgeon and give different brain surgery treatment to different patients with the use of lots of medical equipment. Many tools to play like: Heartbeat Checking, Stethoscope, Thermometer, Blood Pressure, Injection, Banded, X-Ray, Germs Remover, Plaster.

Fun summer holiday

Fun Summer Holiday: It's summer time! What comes to your mind when summer has arrived? Beach? Holiday? Ashley and friends want to spend their Fun Summer Holiday together, but she hasn't prepared anything for that day. Help Ashley to pick one of her favorites swimsuits!

Feed the oomee

Feed the Oomee: Use your quick reflexes to keep the Oomee full of tasty fruit.

Creative puzzle

Creative Puzzle: Love coloring? Even puzzles? This game have 32 pictures to satisfy your loves for coloring and puzzles. Play this game to have a blast fun in coloring and puzzles!

Ebay Game Consoles

ebay game consoles

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