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What do we do at Hunter Games?

We add the latest and simple html5 video pc games to play on our website.

We game-breaking trends for the audience of Hunter Games, constantly trying to shift through the deluge of everyday gaming news to bring you something you might not even know about.

Keeping an audience well informed is a challenge, but finding bits of brilliance throughout the industry is a genuine pleasure for us.

We have gathered a few of the best gaming review websites with a small review of our own.

We have also gathered the best gaming-related websites such as Game hosting/servers, Game subscriptions, Skins, keys...

As the gaming industry develops further Hunter Games will update this site accordingly

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Fanatical: You can find all the hottest offers on games, bundles, eBooks, and software!

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Ewinracing: Happy Holidays - Extra 10%  20% OFF Ewin Gaming Chairs.

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Kinguin: Best Deals: Fall of Prices on video games

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Skin wallet: Weekend madness. Huge -40% on the best CS: Go skins.

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